A Play 2 Earn / PVP Style Game On The Cronos Chain

Need help getting started? Don't worry it's easy!

If you need help getting started you can check out our tokenomics & whitepage areas. They explain Metamask as well as our various game modes to get you up to speed! You'll be mastering those waves in no time at all my dude!



Ready to take in the gnar and grab some CSF tokens?

You can grab some CSF tokens from CRODEX, currently our pool is CRO & CSF.
Don't forget you'll also need some CRO tokens to pay for gas as it's the primary token on the Cronos chain. These can be obtained through various exchanges such as Cronos.
CSF Contract Address: 0xF86243d9ef98Ae8079011a40ddf35F474418C249


DexTools Swap

CRO Tokens

Check us out dude!

Take a moment, stay a while my Kahuna, there's lots to do here! We have multiplayer as well as a vast variety of different game modes to keep everyone entertained! Check out the rest of our website to find out more about our amazing surferz paradise and the different opportunities we have to earn some CSF.
Let's grab our boards and hit them waves! Don't forget to take in the gnar!

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