Whitepage Information

Here you can see all of the information relating to our token and how it works!

What is Crypto Surferz?


The goal of the game is to move through the street as a board and try to survive as long as possible.

Construction barriers and others will try to stop you on your mission. Catch as many coins as possible to increase your score. As you win, you'll earn CSF tokens.

Our goal is to provide a fun experience and create a community around it, while allowing everyone to benefit financially.

Setting Up MetaMask

Downloading Metamask

Metamask can be downloaded as a browser extension on any compatible browser. The links to download MetaMask can be found here for Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons, and Edge Add-ons. MetaMask is also compatible with Brave browser. MetaMask can also be installed on Android, and iOS.

Creating an Account

Once MetaMask has been downloaded and installed, you may proceed to create an account. Click on the "Create a Wallet" button.
Create a password. This will be used when logging in to MetaMask in the same browser. View your secret seed phrase and write it down on a secure location.

Connecting To Cronos

After you create an account on MetaMask, it will default to the Ethereum Mainnet. Crypto Surferz and CSF requires your wallet to be set to the Cronos Chain Mainnet. More info on how to do that here.


Token Overview

Name: Crypto Surferz

Symbol: CSF

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Contract Address: 0xF86243d9ef98Ae8079011a40ddf35F474418C249

Burns, Liquidity & Dev Team Earns


We've included burn mechanics to ensure we maintain a positive burn ratio and aren't at the mercy of an ever inflating token rate. This is what causes a massive deep dive for most projects.


Ontop of the initial liquidity add we'll be using 10% of each lottery pot to increase this amount. this will result in csf tokens being purchased in larger amounts over time.

Dev Team Earns

Our dev team earns will consists of Nft purchases, 10% of each stake, 10% of all 1v1 pvp wagers and 10% of each lottery pool when it's not being used for liquidity.

Game Mechanics

Play 2 Earn

Our game features p2e earnings which will allow you not only to earn but to also gain powerups and abilities. P2E earnings are capped based on your current stake Stake more, earn more!


Every week we draw 3 winners from the users that have tickets purchased. Each winner is drawn randomly according to the number of tickets they have. 10% of this pot will be sent to the devs or used for liquidty as needed.

Earn Pool

Every time you claim you'll be claiming from your earn pool. If this has 0 funds you will be unable to claim. Funds can be added/removed from your earn pool via staking at a rate of stake / 365.


You can risk it all in a 1v1 with other users for CSF. How cool is that! Weapons can also be used in PVP to gain an advantage over your opponent, 10% of each wager pool will be used for tokenomics.


If you like farming games then you'll love our version! You can set up and upgrade your own farm that can be farmed by others and will earn you CSF over time! This comes from your earn pool so you can choose to afk farm if you wish.


DbagDave has been introduced as a burn mechanic, this will stop multiple accounts from being used as each account will need to pay a small weekly fee in order to claim and keep your Nft boards useful. Better pay dave or he'll break your boards.


You can see our audit here. Our audit was completed by Techrate for your peace of mind to ensure that we're protected against the latest token and contract exploits!

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