Transparency at it's absolute best!


Mint Your NFT Board!

For CSF tokens you'll be able to mint your own NFT board! Each board will come with its own rarity and stats which can then be used in game to increase your earn by making gameplay easier or traded our marketplace with others!

Anti Rug! Dev Is Doxxed

As this project is my baby and my information is publicly available you can be assured that I'll only do what's best for the project whilst keeping your funds safe. You can even check out my twitch profile here! I'm partnered with them too!


P2E & PVP Earnings!?

Our game will initially feature p2e earnings at a low rate which will allow you not only to earn but to also gain powerups and abilities! You can then use these upgrades in PVP to take on the best and really get some phat earns going with wagers!


A world first! Decentralization at it's best! Our game is 100% on chain. No API's, No servers, just pure smart contracts! This helps to keep our running costs down and our token price up!



A weekly lottery will take place with 3 winners! This is split evenly and paid out automatically. Good luck! We hope you win some free CSF! 3 lottery Winners Weekly or every 200 tickets.

Our Own Marketplace

Tired of annoying third party marketplaces stealing all the profit? So are we! We have our very own marketplace for trading our boards.



As our game is P2E based, we are able to offer scholarships so you can get access to a higher earn rate. Claims by a scholar will be split by 50% and sent to your manager automatically. Please note this will require an NFT level of 20 or above for managers.

Earn Rates

PVE Max Earn Daily: 1 Million CSF
(pve earn is based on staked amount)
Scholarship Max Earn Daily: 100k CSF
Farms Max Earn Daily: 500k CSF


Burn Mechanics

With all good games built for sustainability we've introduced burn mechanics. These will help to keep the tokens at a positive burn ratio making sure that our prices don't blow out and aren't at the mercy of constant drain.

Earn Flow

A typical users earn flow will be:
Stake CSF to increase earn pool -> Pay DbagDave his weekly amount -> Earn -> Claim

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