Roadmap (Phase 2)

Here you’ll find various information regarding our Roadmap! Phase 1 has been completed and we're onto our next step of implementations.


In Game NFTS now work with Play 2 Earn!


You now have access to NFTS with different rarity levels and earnings caps!

Increased earning speed for large token holders!

x2 at 5 Million CSF
x3 at 10 Million CSF
x4 at 20 Million CSF

Please note you need a stake to be able to earn and claim.

OGUserPerk holders have a 5x on earn speed at all times.


Faster Earnings?!

Token Holding Boost Added

Power Up Your NFTS!

Power up your super awesome NFT boards to gain Higher chances at winning PVP games!


Upgrade with CSF to gain
Speed Bonus
Lives Bonus
Weapons Bonus
Use these in single or PVP modes to gain an edge over your opponents.

Epic & Legendary NFTS are able to get to level 40/50 via upgrades giving you an even stronger earning potential with pvp matches and faster earns.


Hunt For The Legendary!

Feelin' lucky?!

Weapons & Co-op

Yarrr Lookout!


Weapons will be ready for use in PVP later, make your friends cry or team up & earn together! Endless fun!

Group events & goals are in the works! Stay tuned for updates!

Group Events

Teamwork! Yeet Yeet!

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