Meet Our Team!

Our team comes from all over the place, below you can see a little snippet about everyone!


Sneakz Coinz CSF

Full Stack Developer

Sneakz wears many hats! Familiar with AAA games and the matrix as a whole whilst developing websites for clients back in the day! Sneakz has 10 years experience and is ready to take us to the next level!

Art & Designs

Need awesome 3D models or artwork? Zedd's got it covered with outstanding designs, he helps bring that AAA feel to the game!


Zedd Coinz CSF


Chichi Coinz CSF

Social Media Manager

ChiChi loves bunnies and people smashing the like button! With such an amazing head of socials how can we go wrong!

Community Manager

Cl3an is our community manager, with plenty of p2e crypto experience under her belt she'll be sure to lead the community in the right direction! Look out! Cl3ans coming through!


RicimaN Coinz CSF


Quint Coinz CSF

Big Picture Guy

Quint focuses on big picture stuff, the future and what not! If you have any bright ideas feel free to pass them on and we'll do our best to continue updating our amazing game!

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